St. Edmunds Abbey 

Monday, August 22nd, 0800 I’ve been busy running all over London last week. This weekend I went to Suffolk with my friends John and Rose Putman for a little country break and trip to Cambridge. The Abbey Gardens contain ruins of the original Abbey and new Anglican Church buildings as well. I ended up walking […]

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Behind Westminster Abbey

Monday, August 15th, 730 Yesterday was a full day in London. I first went to the Coign Church with the Sprays (my friends who I’m staying with this week). After church I caught a train into Waterloo Station.  From Waterloo I wandered my way and ate my way to Leiscester Square to get the London […]

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Basingstoke Canal

Sunday, August 14th, 740 I’ve arrived safely in London. Here I’m staying with my friends, the Sprays, in their city southwest of London called New Haw. They have a lovely bungalow with a beautiful garden.  It’s a ten minute walk to get to West Byffleet station and town center The Canal: 

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Upstream through Zion

On a family holiday with the Jones’s to Northern AZ and Southern UT Saturday, June 4th – Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 Monday morning started in a sleepy town called Kanab, located in the southern Utah plateaus. Many western’s have been filmed in the area earning the town the name “Little Hollywood”. Truly, Little Hollywood lived up to it’s title, when […]

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Europe, Opening Statements

Quick update on my life. I’ve booked a ticket to fly into England on August 22nd. Presently, I’m going SOLO. This time alone is thrilling for an extrovert like me. Connecting with friends and family in Europe is one major objective of this trip.   Right now numerous details need to be decided before I say I […]

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