Upstream through Zion

On a family holiday with the Jones’s to Northern AZ and Southern UT

Saturday, June 4th – Wednesday, June 8th, 2016


Monday morning started in a sleepy town called Kanab, located in the southern Utah plateaus. Many western’s have been filmed in the area earning the town the name “Little Hollywood”. Truly, Little Hollywood lived up to it’s title, when we arrived on Sunday night the only open restaurant was a gas station Wendy’s. The next morning I set out to find a coffee place, and courtesy of Yelp found a lovely hybrid outdoor gear/coffee spot called Willow Canyon Outdoor.

Following coffee and breakfast, the Ingegneri and Jones families (Joneseneri’s) left from our rental in Kanab to visit Zion National Canyon, which was an hour drive away .



We wound down the red asphalt road that was painted to match the surrounding rocks. After a scorching hot day visiting a few Northern Arizona sights, nothing prepared me for the sensational experience of zooming through the dim, one lane tunnel into Zion. At a certain point, we passed a giant window in the tunnel, which gave us a two second glimpse of the towering rocks we were about to be walk in the shadow of. It was glorious.

DSC01319After arriving in the Canyon, there is a shuttle bus through the canyon to nine stops which have trail-heads, viewpoints, a museum and a restaurant lodge.

Starting the Emerald Pools Trail



Waterfalls on the Emerald Pools Trail


Water flowing down from the Middle Emerald Pool
Plantlife Growing on the weeping wall
The weeping wall




Everyone was worried because the boy’s took the trail further than us, to the sacred Upper Emerald Pool, where they swam (not acceptable) and took a while to come back. So we swam in the Zion River while we waited.



The beautiful highlight of our journey to Zion National Canyon was wading upstream in The Narrows where the water which goes ten miles through the narrowest parts of the Canyon. Only five of the thirteen of us were adventurous and capable enough to do it.

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Our adventure to Zion amazing. We all went back to the Kanab tired and fulfilled. Here’s my one bit of advice, wear sturdy and waterproof shoes in The Narrows, your feet will thank you.


3 thoughts on “Upstream through Zion

  1. great representation of some incredible memories. highly recommend this entire vacation plan to everybody. Zion, Bryce, North Rim of Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon are places everybody just has to see to believe!


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