Europe, Opening Statements

Quick update on my life.

I’ve booked a ticket to fly into England on August 22nd. Presently, I’m going SOLO. This time alone is thrilling for an extrovert like me. Connecting with friends and family in Europe is one major objective of this trip.


Right now numerous details need to be decided before I say I have a intensive plan. Nevertheless, my itinerary is filling up with exciting plans fast. Seeing Dan Deacon at the Roundhouse in London. Kayaking on the Danube river with my German brother Aaron. Hiking through Samaria Gorge on Crete. I know, totally rad.

Lifestyle/travel blogging is going to be a primary focus in the future. However, to avoid being tantamount as a blogger I particularly want to focus on history and design. Both of which respectively are my favorite subjects.

Cities I’ve planned to visit are:

  • London
  • Salisbury
  • Cambridge
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Cologne
  • Salzburg
  • Regensburg
  • Amsterdam
  • Bruges
  • Brussels
  • Rotterdam
  • Athens
  • Crete
  • Prague


Anyways, Europe and History.

One podcast I love and highly recommend listening to is Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. It’s a relatively extensive for a newcomer to studying history, but don’t let that deter you. Each episode of Hardcore History is fantastic at communicating multiple sides of brutal ongoings of history. “Prophets of Doom”, my favorite episode concerning history in Europe, covers the anabaptist takeover of the city of Munster. As I prepare to travel to Europe, I continue to research deeper into the ongoings that lead the the beginning of WWI. Belgium in particular is rich in early WWI history, as it was the focus of Germany’s Schlieffen Plan to invade through Belgium to France. I’ll leave some lovely links for you to Hardcore History episodes on both subjects, let those soundtrack your wait for my significantly shorter post about the Schlieffen Plan.


I won’t be gone for long (6-8 weeks), but long term vacationing is going to be a regular occurrence in the future–Hit me up if you want embark on a trip with me sometime or send me a suggestion for my travels.

Hardcore History links:

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